How to benefit from having a website

Having a website is important to a professional business.  It puts you on the map and allows people to go check out what you do and what services you offer.  Just having a website on your business cards looks more professional too. Websites are great online business cards that will allow you to express your work and show off what you have done in the past.  It is a way for potential clients to get to know you and get a feel for your work.

Websites are great not only for businesses but for people as well.  If you are running for office or working in a government type position it is a way for the people to get to know what you stand for.  This is a great way to put out your political views and what is important to you. When you are holding a government office, it is a way for you to speak to the people that put you there via a blog as well.

Add an Ecom Store

There are many reasons for having a website.  Perhaps you own a brick and mortar store. Did you know that more and more people are turning to shop online as a way to get products?  And, you can have a piece of that as well with an online e-com store. Take your store online and expose your brand and products around the globe.  This is a wonderful way to add to the income that the brick and mortar store is already producing.

Typically it is pretty simple to tie your inventory of the store into a website as with the proper POS system.  If you have always wanted to expand your store, going online is a great way to do it. There is little overhead, you already have the name, products and you just need to add a shipping area, which is easy enough to do.  There are all kinds of ways to print postage online and a simple shipping scale and you are good to go.

Local Services Website

Every business should have a website of some kind.  Many local services show off their skills and what they have achieved.   This is also a great way to get exposure for your business. However, don’t think that you are going to have a website built and everyone will come rushing through the doors.  That really isn’t how this works. Having a website for informational purposes is great. However, if you want your website to be found for sales purposes, then you are going to have to go one step further and get that website ranking.  This will require some SEO services or Search Engine Optimization. This is what will make your website and brand be found when someone goes online and searches for your service or product.

Websites can be built on a variety of platforms.  However, most professionals use WordPress. A WordPress website is easy to work with and will rank well when SEO is applied.  Many of those website builders that you have out there are really difficult to work with and are really heavy in the backend, making them harder to rank.

Websites are a great selling tool

Websites are perfect for informational reasons. They are a great selling tool.  The internet has taken over where the phone book left off. We are all walking around with a phone book in our pockets and that is where your customers are going to look when they are looking for a particular service.  And, you want customers and clients, correct? That’s why not only having a beautiful website is important but having the SEO that goes along with it is even more important. When you have SEO done to your website, you get the chance to be seen by potential clients.  When they are looking for your products or services you want them to find your website. In order to be found, you will have to have a website and SEO services.  

Your website should be easy to navigate for people that find it.  You need to have the buttons and menus easy to find and easy to navigate.  Be sure that your phone number is readily available and if you have a location that customers or patients come to, that the address is posted as well.   These small details are important to get the people that find your website to convert into a patient or customer as well.  

In fact, little things matter in a big way.  The color of the website can also affect what people do with intention.  This seems rather silly but there have been studies proving this

Websites should represent your company

Your website should represent you and your business.  If you are building the website yourself, then have a friend or family member read over your content.  If you have it done professionally, speak with the designer to let them help you better. They will need to know what to put on the “About Us” page and the other pages as well.  Tell them things about your company, your company hours, how long you have been open and what it is that you offer. The more specific, the better the design will turn out.  

Your website is an extension of your company.  There are times that it is your entire company if you plan to have a stand-alone e-commerce store.   It should be professionally done in a way that will be a good reflection of your company. You will need a nice logo design if you don’t have one that will be on the website, as well as any signage that you have.   This should all the same look and feel. Deciding on colors is important as well. What colors represent your company now, do you know? And, if you don’t have colors at the moment, not a problem, you can start now by figuring out what color combinations you like best. 

We hope that you have seen all the very beneficial ways that come your way with a website.  Gone are the days that you open a business and get a large Yellow Pages ad. Now, you need an online presence in every nook and corner of the web.

Why WordPress and not the others?

There are many website building platforms out there from Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify and more.  However, we strongly believe that WordPress is the way to go. WordPress allows you to build just about anything from informational websites to full e-commerce pages.  And, it is easy to use and will rank in the search engines. If you are looking for a great way to get more business exposure, a WordPress website is the way to go. WordPress has all kinds of different plugins that are packed with features that will make your website custom to you.  

WordPress is a platform that many professional web designers use and can help support you should there be any problems along the way.  It is a great way to get your business name out there and your information. Every business these days needs a website. And, building it on WordPress will allow you to customize the site in a way that has the brand and look that you want. WordPress is free and it comes with just about any hosting plan. If you don’t have a hosting plan or don’t know what a hosting plan is, let us explain.